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"As a graduate of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, it seemed like a no-brainer to join the organization that is most representative of my new profession. It is important to me that Structural Integration is acknowledged as an entity of its own, distinct from other forms of bodywork. Unifying all SI practitioners under one umbrella brings a level of professionalism to my chosen career as a Rolfer™ and allows my work to stand out in the healthcare field."

Justin Farrell ~

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Professional Plus This membership is for practicing Structural Integrators who elect to receive the insurance benefit provided by ABMP. This level requires a diploma/certificate from an IASI recognized teaching institution. Only available for U.S. members. $295/Year
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This membership is for practicing Structural Integrators. This level requires a diploma/certificate from an IASI recognized teaching institution. 

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Candidate This membership is for those currently enrolled in a Structural Integration course of study wishing to better prepare themselves for their future practice, take advantage of IASI member benefits, and get better acquainted with the international Structural Integration community. $65/Year
Supporting This membership is for individuals who recognize the benefits of Structural Integration, and are non-practicing or retired professionals and wish to stay in touch with the community and continue to learn more about the science and its practice. $65/Year