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Spinal Dynamics: Dissection Livestream Specialty Class
Friday, September 30, 2022, 7:00 PM to Sunday, October 02, 2022, 10:00 PM EST
Category: National CE Courses

Course Title: Spinal Dynamics: Dissection Livestream Specialty Class
Course Location: Live Online
Course Date(s): September 30 - October 2, 2022
Course Time: 7pm - 10pm EDT each day
Course Instructor(s): Tom Myers and Todd Garcia
Organizational Host: Anatomy Trains
Registration Fees: $375 / $500 after September 23rd
Registration Process: Register on the website
Registration/Point of Contact Email Address: [email protected]
Registration/Point of Contact Phone Number: 888-546-37747 / 207-563-7121
IASI CE Credits: 9 CEs Category 1




Course Description: Please join us for this unique Dissection Livestream event focused on spinal dynamics with Anatomy Trains author Tom Myers, Master Dissector Todd Garcia and Master Japanese Translator Kaori TaniThis course will be provided over zoom webinar with multiple camera views, live chat and Q&A. Recordings will be provided via password protected streaming access for 5 days. This special dissection livestream format allows us to go more deeply into the relationships and applications to multiple manual and movement modalities, from athletic training to trauma resolution to osteopathy.Friday, Sept 30 – 7:00-10:00 PM EDTModule 1: Cervical spineConcepts: The unique stability / mobility equations in the neckThe ‘plywood’ strategy: alternating muscle fiber directionOculomotor reflex and the suboccipital muscular groupCervical ligament complexesAtlanto-occipital joint movements, Atlanto-axial joint movementsCervical spine facet joint dynamics – Rotation, side-bending, flexion / extensionSupport of the cervical spine from the frontSafe (and unsafe) loading of the cervical spine: carrying water and whiplashSaturday, Oct. 1 – 7:00-10:00 PM EDTModule 2: Thoracic spineConcepts:The rib ‘basket’ – normal available movement in the thoracic spineThe thorax in postural compensation:Between the pelvis and head: rotation and side-bendinngBetween the shoulders: stability of the ‘cross’Contralaterally between the limbs: sport stabilityThe upper ribs: stability at the cervicothoracic junctionThe middle ribs: the mid-dorsal hingeThe lower ribs: rotationThe TLJ – T11 – L1, the body’s ‘universal’ jointRib cage position’s role in lumbopelvic stability: top down effectsSunday, Oct. 2 – 7:00-10:00 PM EDTModule 3: Lumbar spineConcepts:The focused forces on the lumbar spineThe lumbar facet joints and their allowed movements – Gravetsky’s ‘spinal engine’Rotation between the girdles: how the lumbars transfer strain and powerDisc herniations: common etiology and progression for nucleus and annulusLumbopelvic stability reconsidered – what really makes a difference?

Instructor Bio(s): Thomas Myers studied with Drs. Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, and Buckminster Fuller, and with a variety of movement and manual therapy pioneers. His work is influenced by cranial, visceral, and intrinsic movement studies he made with European schools of osteopathy. An inveterate traveler, Tom has practiced integrative manual therapy for over 40 years in a variety of clinical and cultural settings. Tom is the author of Anatomy Trains (2020, 4th ed), co-author of Fascial Release for Structural Balance (North Atlantic, 2010, 2017), co-author of Anatomy Trains in Motion Study Guide (2019), author of Body3, The Anatomist’s Corner, Structural Integration: Collected Articles, and BodyReading: Visual Assessment and The Anatomy Trains, and has also written extensively for Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (Elsevier). He has also produced over 20 online learning courses with Anatomy Trains, and others in collaboration with various body-oriented professional groups. Tom lives and sails on the coast of Maine in the USA. Tom and his faculty conduct professional development courses and certification in Structural Integration worldwide.Todd Garcia is owner and director of Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment Inc. Todd specializes in human dissection, and has been teaching anatomy for 15 years. He has worked together with anatomy/physiology textbook publisher Benjamin Pearson, and Author, Thomas Myers in the creation of anatomy/physiology textbooks and DVD’s. As director and teacher at Laboratories of Anatomical Enlightenment Inc. Todd continues to teach human anatomy classes to students of more than 20 different schools ranging from entry level massage therapist to graduate students. For 7 years Todd taught human anatomy continuing education classes at the Anatomical Institute of Vienna, Vienna, Austria. Todd’s dissection experience is in the range of 10,000 hours. His region of specialty is the cranium.Kaori Tani started her career in the health/fitness industry in 1985. A strong advocate of continuing education, she has hosted and translated countless professional education events in her native country of Japan. She was certified as a Rolfer in 2003 and became the first Gray Institute’s Fellow of Applied Functional Science in Asia in 2010. Kaori is currently one of the leading professional education providers in Japan: teaching for TRX as a Senior Master Instructor, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training as a Master Instructor, Certified Functional Strength Coach as a Master Coach and the Gray Institute as a Course Instructor. She has provided Japanese translation services for Tom Myers since 2008.