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AT2.23 Advanced Training
Monday, June 05, 2023, 9:00 AM to Thursday, September 28, 2023, 5:30 PM MDT
Category: National CE Courses

Course Title: AT2.23 Advanced Training
Course Location: Boulder, CO
Course Date(s): Part 1 / June 5 - June 22, 2023; Part 2 / September 11 - September 28, 2023
Course Time: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM MST
Course Instructor(s): Juan David Velez & Rebecca Carli-Mills
Organizational Host: Dr. Ida Rolf Institute®
Registration Fees: 7352.00 + $75.00 (admin fee) = Total: $ 7427.00
Registration Process: Contact [email protected] to check eligibility; pay $300 deposit + 5 monthly payments of $1,425.40 beginning April, 2023
Registration/Point of Contact Email Address: [email protected]
Registration/Point of Contact Phone Number: 303-449-5903, ext 106
IASI CE Credits: 0



Course Description: Non-DIRI Members can view Training Details, including Pre-Requisites, at After completing their Basic Training, every Rolfer® continues their journey of learning in their own practice. For some, this means deepening their understanding of the Ten Session Series until they comprehend its logic, and are ready to work with a less formulistic approach. Others will have explored diverse paths that have taken them into different practices, and are now ready to ground those adventures into the core principles of Rolfing®. Regardless of where your journey has taken you, this is a class that will help you solidify your understanding of the work within the fundamental elements of Rolfing®. You will develop a solid framework to express the knowledge you have, and make it easier to incorporate new knowledge and skills. You will finish this class working more efficiently and precisely, with less effort. This class will focus on the theory and experience of embodiment, exploring both structural and functional aspects of the work.Juan David and Rebecca have over 53 years of combined teaching experience in Rolfing®, Rolf Movement®, and Anatomy. This expertise allows them to meet each student where they are, and offer appropriate and supportive guidance for their particular learning edge. This class will also focus on the process of skill acquisition, and help you to transform your own practice into a rich source of ongoing growth.Juan David and Rebecca share the belief that learning is best and most effective when it is fun. Join us for a collaborative, meaningful, and light-hearted exploration of the practice we all love.

Instructor Bio(s): Juan David Velez- What makes a practitioner an "advanced" practitioner? How does a Rolfer® progress from novice to expert? How can we, as faculty, guide students toward mastery? These questions have been at the heart of Juan David's journey as an instructor, and have guided his preparation for this Advanced Class. Juan David spends a lot of his time geeking out on emerging science - embryology, neurology, complex systems, the science of learning - but knows that, to be useful, the information he provides must be clear and actionable for students. His bases of support for these big ideas are solid fundamentals - Juan David has invested himself in becoming qualified to teach all of DIRI's classes, from Phase 1 to the Advanced Training, including the Life Sciences and Rolf Movement®.Juan David has studied widely, but is firmly a Rolfer® at heart, grounded in the language, touch, and theoretical framework of Rolfing®.In Juan David's 25+ years of teaching, he has learned to speak to all different kinds of learners. He holds the space for the intuitive, subtle, and empathetic while also speaking the language of the linear and anatomical.He is Chair of Life Sciences, member of the Education Executive Committee, and the Faculty Representative to the DIRI Board of Directors. He was part of the committees that developed both the curriculum and the assessments for the basic training, and is currently on the committee tasked with developing the assessment for the advanced training.Rebecca Carli-Mills became interested in somatic movement studies while pursuing B.A. and M.F.A. degrees in dance performance and choreography. She earned certification in Rolf Movement® Integration in 1987 with Janie French and Annie Duggan. She became a Certified Rolfer® in 1989 and a Certified Advanced Rolfer® in 1992. In 1994, Rebecca graduated from the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center for Psychotherapy and Training and joined the Rolf Movement® faculty of The Rolf Institute®.Rebecca' understanding of gravity and human movement potential has been enriched by her long-time studies with Hubert Godard. Godard's work provides the chief theoretical and practical foundation that inspires her teaching. Additionally, she draws from her interest in Laban Movement Analysis, Sensory Awareness, Gaga, Gyrotonics, and various forms of yoga. Rebecca believes that embodiment is a lifelong process, essential for somatic practitioners.Rebecca is a past Chairperson of the Rolf Movement faculty and ISMETA board member. She has taught somatic movement courses at several universities. Currently, Rebecca lives in Chevy Chase MD, where she maintains an active practice in Rolfing® SI and Rolf Movement® Integration."I am greatly honored to have the opportunity to teach in the Advanced Training program and look forward to working with Juan David."- Rebecca