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Structural-Visceral Integration: Abdomen & Pelvis
Friday, October 14, 2022, 6:00 PM to Sunday, October 16, 2022, 5:30 PM PST
Category: National CE Courses

Course Title:
Structural-Visceral Integration: Abdomen & Pelvis

Course Location:
Sundance Physical Therapy: 2212 Pico Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Course Date(s):
October 14 - 16, 2022

Course Time (daily start/end)::
Friday Oct 14 @ 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM. Saturday Oct 15 @ 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Sunday Oct 16 @ 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM.

Course Instructor(s):
Bruce Schonfeld, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Organizational Host:

Bruce Schonfeld

Registration Fees:
Class is $695. $595 Early Bird if paid in full 30 days prior. $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. Refunds are given up to 45 days prior to first day of class minus the deposit and any transaction fees associated with refunding. Payment is due in full prior to first day of class.

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IASI CE Credits:
Category 1: 16 CE Credits



Course Description:
VISCERAL INTEGRATION: ABDOMEN & PELVIS. Approaching the viscera in the same contextual framework as 'recipe' sessions 1-6, this class bridges the container and the contents. Ideal for beginners, Visceral Integration is a user-friendly direct technique approach to visceral mobilization. Class focuses on the practitioner's clinical reasoning skills, body mechanics, and practical manual therapy techniques targeting the organs of the abdominopelvic cavity. Generally following the three-dimensional trail of the larger visceral ligaments associated with the Gastrointestinal Track, visceral structures covered include the small intestine, cecum, ascending colon, hepatic flexure, liver, gall bladder, transverse colon, stomach, spleen, splenic flexure, descending colon, sigmoid colon, urinary bladder, lesser and greater omentum, root of the mesentery, and parietal peritoneum. Structural components include the respiratory diaphragm, pelvis, sacrum, coccyx, lumbar spine, sacroiliac joints, transverses abdominus, iliacus, psoas, QL. Visceral Integration expands the SI Practitioner's skill set in working with core/sleeve dynamics and structural visceral interrelationships. This class supports your preexisting practice and provides new tools and techniques for working with the whole body and the whole person. The objective is systems symbiosis.

Instructor(s) Bio:
Bruce Schonfeld is a Certified Advanced Rolfer & Certified Rolfing Movement Integration Teacher. He has taken the Advanced Rolfing training with Jan Sultan and Michael Salveson three times. Originally Certified as a Rolfer and Rolfing Movement Teacher in 1994, Bruce maintains a client-centered practice in Santa Monica working both inside and outside the recipe. Bruce specializes in troubleshooting and problem solving tricky pain and orthopedic problems from structural, functional, and biopsychosocial perspectives. Bruce has studied Visceral Osteopathy and Visceral Manipulation Technique extensively since 1996 including 300+ hours directly with Jean-Pierre Barral DO. Bruce has studied VM with Alain Croibier DO, Didier Prat DO, Alain Gehin DO, Claudia Kohn DO, Olivier Bazin DO, A.J. de Koning DO, Marc Naudin DO, Rene Assink DO, Bonnie Gintis DO, Mark Bookhout PT, Dee Ahern PT, and has assisted VM extensively with Gail Wetzler PT. Bruce has assisted Judy Russell PT and Peter Coppola PT with the Barral Institute's Visceral Dissection classes for many years. Bruce has studied Visceral Mobilization with Certified Advanced Rolfers Jan Sultan, Christoph Sommer, Peter Schwind, Jeffrey Maitland, and Liz Gaggini. Between 2017-2018, Jan Sultan and Bruce collaborated and co-taught all three courses in Structural-Visceral Integration. Bruce is a Team Member of the Fascial Net Plastination Project. Bruce is an independent filmmaker who produced and directed the documentary series The Secret Life of Fascia which Part 1 earned laurels and Official Selection to the 6th Annual Raw Science Film Festival.