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Pelvic Girdle and Legs, with Tessy Brungardt
Friday, September 23, 2022, 8:30 AM to Sunday, September 25, 2022, 6:00 PM PST
Category: National CE Courses

Course Title: Pelvic Girdle and Legs, with Tessy Brungardt
Course Location: Boulder, CO
Course Date(s): 9/23/2022 - 9/25/2022
Course Time: 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM MST
Course Instructor(s): Tessy Brungardt
Organizational Host: Dr. Ida Rolf Institute
Registration Fees: 675.00
Registration Process: $375 deposit, plus one additional $300 payment
Registration/Point of Contact Email Address: Samantha Sherwin
Registration/Point of Contact Phone Number: 3034495903
IASI CE Credits: 0



Course Description: This Continuing Education class is open to Certified Rolfers and practitioners of Structural Integration who have completed an IASI Recognized SI Program. Students will be taught advanced structural integration theory, body reading, and normal and client-specific structural and functional body mechanics. Students will exchange with supervision manual interventions, client-specific body analysis, and body reading using palpation and visual skills. Students will reliably identify the anatomy of the pelvic girdle, legs, and feet. Students will reliably identify the functional range and coordination of the lower body and its effect from the foot through the lower leg and thigh into the pelvis and sacrum.Students will determine the relationship of the lower body to the upper body. Students will leave class with a refined knowledge of the coordination involving joint mechanics, ligaments, and the myofascial layers with specific skills for client specific intervention.

Instructor Bio(s): Tessy Brungardt received her BA in Environmental Biology in 1976 from New College in Sarasota, FL. In her studies and following career she enjoyed exploring the interface of observing the natural world and the science of how things worked. Once she was introduced to Rolfing® Structural Integration in 1979, she was inspired to take this exploration into the human realm. She became a Certified Rolfer® in 1985 and a Certified Advanced Rolfer in 1988. Tessy completed her Rolf Movement® Certification in 1994. She also became certified to teach for the Rolf Institute in 1994 and became an Advanced Instructor for the Rolf Institute in 2002.