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July Webinar: Neurofascial Integration
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
Category: Webinars


Speaker: Herbert Grassmann

Description of Program: 

 A central statement is, that no therapy is going to be efficient unless the individual's physiology supports it and it will only support that when the physiology is in a state of safety and not a state of defence. This means for the therapist that they must be trained in their skills of perception of these cues by looking at facial expression listening to the intonation of voice looking at muscle tension in the body and gestures and because all those systems are linked to the neural regulation of our viscera and primarily our vagal regulation of the heart. Moreover, they need to be trained to appreciate and to read their own bodily reactions (i.e., interoception) to their clients. Human behavior especially in traumatic situations is understood as a complex and fully embodied biobehavioral process expressed in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are driven through neurophysiological sensors detecting features in our immediate environment. This integrated sensory-motor system dynamically adjusts aspects of physiology, perception, behavior, and motivation to enhance our ability to cope with normal as well as challenging situations.

 What participants will learn: 

•The Treatment of disorders of embodied self-awareness

•The use of sensory material as layers of experience in human development

•Improving the capacity for embodied emotional attunement

•Integrating Physiological Regulation into Therapy

•Strengthening Self-Regulation Through Dyadic Coregulation


Featured Speaker: Dr. Herbert Grassmann SKT-Institut

Dr. Grassmann is a faculty member at the Matepe University in Istanbul for MA in Clinical Psychology. Professor of Psychosocial Studies and Bodymind Healing at the Parkmore Institute/South Africa, Johannesburg. Founding chairman of the scientific advisory board for the Polyvagal Academy, Europe. Research Chair at the EABP. Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Structural Body Therapy - SKT Institute.


This webinar counts for 1.0 hours of CE credit.

2021 Webinar Registration Fees:
IASI Members: $25  |  Non-Members: $35

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