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Amsterdam, Netherlands | Module 1: Functional Methods: Assessments & Treatments | Jeffrey Burch | Instructor
EaseBody.NL - Akademie voor Massage en Beweging
Wingerdweg 32, 1031 CA
Amsterdam Netherlands
Monday, July 18, 2022 to Friday, July 22, 2022
Category: International CE Courses

Module 1 - Functional Methods: Assessments & Treatments

Jeffrey Burch

Organizational Host: 

28 IASI Type 1 CE

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€740.00 Euro

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European Rolfing Association

[email protected]
+49 (0)89 / 543 709 41

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Course Description:

Learn low-force yet powerful treatment methods that allow you to accomplish more for your clients with less effort. Students learn 15 distinct assessment methods as well as 22 treatment methods with sub-variations and combinations.

In addition, the principles behind the specific manipulations are explored, allowing class participants to improvise techniques to fit a wide range of situations. This course provides an excellent foundation for many other modalities including Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Counterstrain, and Zero-Balancing.

Instructor Biography:

Jeffrey Burch offers classes in Eugene, Oregon, as well as other locations in the USA. A Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Jeffrey has extensively studied and integrated into his Hands-On Therapies both Cranial Manipulation and Visceral Manipulation. He has developed groundbreaking new joint mobilization methods.

Jeffrey Burch received a BA in biology from the University of Oregon in 1975, after which he trained at The Dr. Ida Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado, receiving his Certification as a Rolfer in 1977.

He first practiced Rolfing® Structural Integration in London, and later in Seattle and Honolulu before returning to his native Eugene, Oregon, in 1989. At the time he was in London there were only a half dozen Rolfers in Europe. He accepted invitations to Rolf groups of people in Oslo, Stockholm, Trondheim, and Tehran. He now lives in Eugene Oregon offers continuing education classes.

Jeffrey Burch received his Rolfing Advanced Certification in 1990, after which he again began studying at the University of Oregon where he received a second BA in Psychology in 1993 and a Master of Science in Counseling in 1995.