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April 2021 Webinar with Michael Feldman
Thursday, April 22, 2021, 11:00 AM PDT
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IASI Webinar: Masses and Spaces Considering the Body as a 3-Dimensional Puzzle

Presenter: Michael Feldman

Webinar Description:

Human bodies consist of parts: Bones, Muscles, Organs, Glands, Nerves, etc… Each is wrapped in a woven, fibrous material called connective tissue which shape and protect. These are the Masses. Between these structures, the Spaces, is another form of connective tissue, a web of fluid-filled filaments. Tubes of water acting as a supple, buoyant network for the nervous system to communicate and adapt to the needs and demands of each and every mass suspended in it, balancing the body both structurally and physiologically. 

Considering structures and relationships via the alignment of the space between the masses, rather than the shape or function of the structures themselves, might allow for an alternative view to assess new strategies for both manual and movement therapies. Using touch as a tactile reference to determine and restore coherent alignment, and observing the masses in relation to each other while in motion, may provide a new way of cuing the body to more efficient movement patterns. 

Why You Should Attend:

Expect to take away a creative way to contact and assess the body through touch, observation, and cuing, during movement and at rest, as well as an alternative language to communicate and enhance body awareness. You will be presented with a “Masses and Spaces” model, and explore protocols and progressions for differentiating movement of one mass independent of the others, which otherwise may cause inefficient patterns and subsequent symptoms. These concepts explore the alliance between mobility and stability, will follow the premise that every part, or, mass, is connected, AND, efficiency by means of communication through the Spaces is critical to a healthy, functioning system. 


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Featured Speaker:

Michael Feldman was Certified in Rolfing/Structural Integration by The Rolf Institute in 1992. After 3 years working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, Michael began his first day of Foundations of Bodywork in 1990 with Tom Myers and Til Luchau, and was an early student of Anatomy Trains and Advanced Myofascial Techniques. After in-depth tutelage during Levels 1 and 2 with Bill Smyth, Carol Agneessens, Robert Schleip, Gael Ohlgren, James Oschman, and Lael Keen, he began a journey learning from and training with the best yoga, Pilates, and strength training communities. Michael was Certified at The Pilates Studio by Romana Kryzanowska in NYC, trained and collaborated with the Iyengar, Anusara, and Siddha Yoga studios, and became a Certified Cross Fit Instructor, and has committed himself to commingling all of these disciplines into a resourceful and creative amalgam to serve professionals and the public alike.

Michael was also mentored by Louis Schultz, has completed dissection workshops with Gil Hedley, attended cranial trainings with Jim Asher and Jan Sultan, presented to over 2,000 students the MELT Method after Certification with Sue Hitzmann, took part and hosted multiple Osteopathic based trainings with Ron Murray, assistant to Til Luchau and Advanced Trainings, enrolled in Explain Pain seminars, and led anatomy portions of an array of yoga teacher trainings including Yoga Works and Yoga Tree.

Michael’s intention is to inspire self-discovery through mindfulness, movement, and breath. He is currently developing this “Masses and Spaces” model into an on-line educational program intended to give movement and hands-on professionals, and all curious students, an alternative way of moving and experiencing where they are in space. His use of metaphor, analogy, and storytelling paves the way for his teaching style to be like no other.


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