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Live online Webinar | Understanding and Working with Osteoporosis: Keeping Our Clients Safe and Reducing the Risk of Fracture | Dr. Meredith Stephens
Saturday, March 06, 2021, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST
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Understanding and Working with Osteoporosis: Keeping Our Clients Safe and Reducing the Risk of Fracture

Dr. Meredith Stephens

Organizational Host: 
Anatomy Trains

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Course Description:

Osteoporosis affects over 200 million people worldwide. It is estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer an osteoporosis-related fracture in their lifetime. Fractures are a major cause of disability and death. In 2018, the annual treatment cost was over 57 billion dollars in the US alone. Often our clients know very little about their condition, are confused about what they can do for themselves, and are afraid that they may fracture. As first-line health workers, we are in an optimal position to educate clients and help them make informed decisions about their osteoporosis.

This webinar will define osteoporosis, how it develops and is diagnosed including bone density testing and interpretation. You will learn about assessing risk of fracture for your clients using the FRAX tool. We will discuss some of the drugs used to treat osteoporosis and their risks and benefits.

More importantly, we will review movement modifications to help reduce the risk of falls and fracture. Other topics covered include:

Who is at risk… it’s not just caucasian women!

How can you modify manual therapy techniques to improve safety.

Information to educate clients about their condition to empower them to make informed decisions.How simple modifications to classes may be implemented to help reduce the risk of fracture.

Instructor Biography:

Meredith Stephens, DPT, MS, PT, LMT BCSI is a certified Anatomy Trains instructor, physical therapist, and pilates instructor. She has been working with clients and patients with osteoporosis for over 16 years. Her Pilates for Osteoporosis and Back Health class has run since 2014. Her DPT capstone project was on promoting adherence to fall prevention programs. She is based in New Hampshire, US, and hopes to resume teaching workshops later this year!