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Las Delicias, Costa Rica - Mystery School: Meditating on The Line - Will Johnson, Amber Burnham, and Elisa Noel
Bambu Hueco Retreat Center
Las Delicias Costa Rica
Monday, February 03, 2020, 9:00 AM to Sunday, February 09, 2020, 5:30 PM PDT
Category: International CE Courses

Mystery School: Meditating on The Line

Will Johnson, Amber Burnham and Elisa Noel

Organizational Host: 
Guild for Structural Integration

42 CEs Category 1 

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$1,175.00 USD (fee may be paid in 3 monthly installments)
$1,330.00 USD (Deposit $250.00 USD at registration)

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[email protected]

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Course Description:

The Guild for Structural Integration’s Amber Burnham and Elisa Noel are thrilled to join Will Johnson in Costa Rica for a combined workshop, Mystery School: Meditating on The Line. Participants will enjoy six days of teachings, starting February 3rd and continuing through February 9th, 2020 with February 6th as a break day. We will book out fast, so reserve your spot now! As Will says: Mystery School: Meditating on The Line is an experiential program that supports a personal exploration of Dr. Ida Rolf’s vision of evolutionary transformation. During this training we will explore a surrendered opening to The Line in all four of the major postures of the body: sitting, standing, moving about, and lying down. Meditating on The Line is, ultimately, a practice of self-healing as unconscious contents—in the form of sensations in the body and thought patterns in the mind—keep cycling to the surface of awareness where they can be felt, acknowledged, and let go. Attending Mystery School is like attending a traditional sitting meditation retreat from the Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian traditions, but with the important distinction that it is Dr. Rolf’s transformational vision of The Line that primarily informs the meditational practices. Workshop Structure Morning sessions: Line meditation and discussion lead by Will Johnson Afternoon sessions: Structural Integration demonstrations by Amber Burnham and Elisa Noel with a focus on floor and seated work followed by practitioner exchange work.

Logistics Getting there: From San Jose, Costa Rica to Montezuma (closest town), there are some options here. There are many places to stay in Montezuma, check a few out here booking.com, Luna Llena Hotel or Airbnb. Once people have arranged for a place to stay we can pool together to hire a daily taxi to get to the retreat center (15 minute drive).

Instructor Biography:

Mystery School is taught by Will Johnson. He received his training in Structural Integration in 1976 with Dr. Ida Rolf and Emmett Hutchins. He then took the principles of The Line into his studies of sitting meditation and has written extensively about the role of the body in spiritual practices in several books from the Buddhist and Sufi traditions including The Posture of Meditation, Breathing Through the Whole Body, and Rumi’s Four Essential Practices. Amber Burnham is a Senior faculty member for the Guild for Structural Integration and has been teaching at GSI since 2008. She has been practicing and teaching Structural Integration for 20 years. Her focus for this workshop is to present a framework for exploring ideas and tools to support seated positions for the practitioner as well as clients. Elisa Noel is a faculty member for the Guild for Structural Integration. She has been studying mindful movement in various forms for 20 years, receiving her M.S. Ed. with an emphasis on Kinesiology in 2004. Elisa then went on to study at GSI and mentored under Emmett Hutchins. Her intention for this workshop is to playfully enrich our experience of our dynamic line.