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Walpole, ME - See, Move, Feel with Aston® Techniques with Judith Aston & Brian Linderoth
Thursday, July 11, 2019 9:00 AM PDT to Saturday, July 13, 2019
Category: National CE Courses


July 11th - July 13th, 2019 


180 Clarks Cove Road
Walpole, ME 04573 USA


CE Course: $650 before May 24th, $750 Registration after

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See-Move-Feel: An Introduction to Aston® Techniques 

Instructor: Judith Aston & Brian Linderoth 

Organizational Host: Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

 20 CEs Category 1 

Course Description:

Day 1: Advance your “seeing” skills to assess how the body’s alignment creates symptoms and how the forces of gravity and ground reaction influence symptoms.

Day 2: Explore Aston® Movement designs to find and sustain a neutral range for living and working with less stress and greater effectiveness.

Day 3: Learn an Aston® Fascial Integration technique that can change and integrate tissues from superficial to deep layers. This will include a practicum for partner exchanges.


Instructor Bio: 

Judith Aston is widely recognized as a pioneer in the art and science of kinetics for her discovery of the Aston® Paradigm. Her distinct biomechanical model for the human the body is based on a unique way of seeing the body in relationship to the earth. Her discoveries about the importance of using the forces of gravity and ground reaction in alternating sequences have transformed many systems of exercise, bodywork, and movement education. Her acute ability to "see" the body in stillness and in motion, and to train others to see, established her discipline of bodywork and movement training.