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Kent, WA - Introduction to Neurovascular Release for Structural Integration
Saturday, March 16, 2019 9:00 AM PDT to Monday, March 18, 2019
Category: National CE Courses


March 16–18, 2019


Soma Kinetics
109 Second Ave S.
Kent, WA 98032


$700 total tuition ($350 deposit with a balance of $350 due the first day of class)

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Kirstin Schumaker
(503) 720-7403
[email protected]

Introduction to Neurovascular Release for Structural Integration (NVR-SI Part 1 )

Instructor: Kirstin Schumaker, assisted by Carli Herrs

IASI CE Credits: 21

Course Description:

Learn neurovascularly informed myofascial techniques that look and feel like regular structural integration. Differentiation techniques that you learn in this course are nuanced specifically for freeing the neurovascular tracts. This work has a certain precision to it that makes it particularly effective for fine-tuning structural balance—it's great for athletes, and for every client who needs that extra nudge to help them emerge more fully from their old structural pattern. Adding these skills to your library of SI techniques will improve your sense of layer palpation, you'll gain new strategic approaches for classic problems, and you'll elevate your work to a new level of mastery. This class will prepare you for further study in the NVR-SI certificate program, but whether or not you choose to continue your advanced studies in this class series, the new skills and understanding that you gain in this intro course will significantly change the way you approach SI.

In this three-day course, expect to learn something new for each session in the classic SI series or the ATSI series. Techniques learned in this class will help you to address persistent issues such as forward head posture, chronic pain and instability related to spondylolisthesis, discomfort and thoracic movement limitations related to scoliosis, asymmetrical gait, and pelvis and lower extremity related sources of chronic low back and hip pain. Appropriate for both seasoned practitioners and new practitioners. New graduates may take Part 1 right after being initially certified as a structural integrator. (Part 1 will immediately enhance the series work that you are beginning to practice.) Seasoned practitioners will love the way this enhances their current practice, whether or not they are still doing series work. If you have already begun studying cranial, visceral, and/or neural work, this class and the rest of the course series will help you to fill in the gap on the spectrum of touch between subtle, light-pressure, osteopathic-style work and the broad, deep touch of classic SI.

Instructor Bio: 

Kirstin Schumaker, Board Certified Structural Integrator, KMI graduate (2005) and ATSI faculty member, has been teaching Neurovascular Release classes since 2013. Since then these classes have blossomed into a six-part certificate program. Kirstin initially studied neural manipulation with Christoph Sommer (2006, 2009) and Don Hazen (2007-2008). She also assisted Jon Martine with his neural mobilization classes (2009-2010), when he came through her hometown. More recently (2011-2013), she studied intensively with Jeffrey Burch. With Jeff, she primarily studied visceral manipulation and functional methods, but she has also picked up some of his tricks for working with nerves and arteries and this has significantly shaped her practice. Kirstin’s structural integration practice is now based on what she is calling "neurovascularly informed" myofascial work. She can no longer not pay attention to nerves and arteries as she works with the myofascia. Her mission is to introduce as many SI practitioners as possible to working more consciously and strategically with the neurovascular networks. She invites you to join her for an exciting journey.

Carli Herrs, Board Certified Structural Integrator, Certified Soma Practitioner, and Stott Pilates Certified Instructor first studied with Kirstin in 2014 and is the assistant teacher for the NVR-SI course series at this location.