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Asheville, NC - The Spine, The Line and Time
Friday, April 05, 2019, 9:00 AM to Monday, April 08, 2019, 5:30 PM EDT
Category: National CE Courses


Friday, April 5, 2019–Monday, April 8, 2019


Asheville, North Carolina


Before February 5, 2019: $725
After February 5, 2019: $825

Deposit of $175 due at time of registration.

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Stacy Jenkins
(801) 696-1169
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The Spine, The Line, and Time 

Instructors: David Davis

Organizational Host: Guild for Structural Integration

Credits:  30 IASI Category 1 

Course Description:

This workshop is about the spine and its job of weight distribution, as it becomes compromised due to adaptation and compensation. Because the spine is never in isolation, we must examine the dynamic relationship of structure to function and vice versa. We will examine the "normal" spine, the scoliotic spine and spondylolisthesis (the posterior pelvis for Dr. Rolf), and how these spinal patterns change over time without intervention. These are patterns and conditions that walk into our office every day. Lastly, we consider the virtue of the elusive Rolf Line and its ability to stave off entropy in a living system, and how one can continually embody a central vertical axis. This will be a traditional Rolf class as we practice what we are learning on one another and each participant will give and receive a three-session series. It has been my experience that practitioners rarely get enough work to sort out our own aches and pains and the effects of doing this work on a regular basis, so we will be focusing on self-care while advancing the body in balanced verticality. This is a class for practitioners of all levels.

Instructor Bio: 

David Davis was born in Denver, Colorado in 1947. He was introduced to Structural Integration in 1964 by a series of articles about Dr. Ida P. Rolf and her Work. His initial Ten-Series in 1973 was profoundly transformational and inspired him to become a practitioner. David graduated from Adams State College in 1975 with a BA, a prerequisite for the Rolf Institute’s application process. David completed the Basic Training in 1976-77, studying with Emmett Hutchins, Michael Salveson, and Neal Powers. He met Dr. Rolf at her eightieth birthday gala, and was encouraged by her to carry on the Work. David studied with Judith Aston for two years, completing a series of six-day intensives. He received his Advanced Training in 1985 with Emmett, who encouraged him to teach. David was a founding member of the Guild for Structural Integration in 1989, and taught Anatomy and Basic and Advanced Trainings with Emmett, Peter Melchior, Stacey Mills, Neal Powers, and Nilce Silveira. David was a partner and protégé of Peter for 12 years, learning how to practice and teach the intricacies of SI. For over 24 years, David has taught 3-day and 6-day SI workshops internationally. He specializes in teaching embryology, fascial anatomy and working with scoliosis, infusing his classes with wisdom, compassion, and humor. David has been an innovator in SI education, teaching a Basic Training class to medical doctors and physical therapists at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey in 1993, the only SI training to be taught at a major hospital. He has taught with SI research scientists Dr. James Oschman and Dr. Robert Schleip, integrating the practice of SI with the latest scientific research and information. David has been in private practice since 1977, completing over 40,000 sessions. Structural Integration is his discipline, practice, and service to humanity, as he continues learning with every session. David has meditated for over forty years, is an avid golfer and runner, and has served on numerous non-profit Boards. He met his wife Lorain in 1977. In 1979, they went to India to be with Haidakhan Baba and have been honored to study with leading Tibetan Buddhist masters and Native American teachers. David and Lorrain moved to Crestone in 1983, where they lived for 30 years and recently moved to Denver, where David continues his practice.