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Walpole, ME - Aston Postural Assessment
Wednesday, July 25, 2018, 9:30 AM to Friday, July 27, 2018, 4:30 PM EDT
Category: National CE Courses


July 25 - 27, 2018


Anatomy Trains Classroom
180 Clark's Cove RD
Walpole, ME 04573


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Liza and Becky
Anatomy Trains
[email protected]


Aston® Postural Assessment

Instructors: Judith Aston-Linderoth and Brian Linderoth

Organizational Host: Anatomy Trains

Credits:   18 Category 1 CEs

Course Description:

Anatomy Trains is thrilled to have one of Tom Myers' original teachers, Judith Aston-Linderoth, here in Maine for our summer program. Aston® Postural Assessment is an introduction to the Aston Paradigm through seeing the three-dimensionality of the body. Accurately seeing the patterns in a client's posture and movement is essential to identifying why body symptoms occur and recur in the structure.
The development of observational skills and recognition of body patterns puts in place a foundation for grasping the problem-solving skills that are inherent to the highly effective Aston approach to bodywork and movement training and the treatment of injury and pain in the human structure.
In addition to "seeing" content, movement and bodywork labs will be interspersed throughout lecture to evaluate and progress seeing skills.

 Instructor Bio: 

Judith Aston is widely recognized as a pioneer in the art and science of kinetics for her discovery of the Aston® Paradigm and consequent development of the many forms of movement training, bodyworks, fitness programs and ergonomics of Aston® Kinetics. Early in her career, from 1963 to 1972, Aston taught movement, physical education, and dance for performing artists and athletes at Long Beach Community College. In 1968, at the request of Dr. Ida Rolf, she developed the movement education program for Rolfing SI and taught this program until 1977.
Judith has been honored by the Association of Humanistic Psychology for her work as a somatic pioneer, 2006 National Office of Aging - Best Practices in Health Promotion Award, 2008 AMTA President's Award for Distinguished Service, and was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame at the World Massage Festival in 2011. She was also included in a documentary by Emilie Conrad for the Moving Legends: Individuals who have created somatic systems beginning as dancers. She is particularly proud of her charter membership in the Nevada Inventor's Association.
Vibrant testimony to her theories, Judith is actively engaged in all aspects of her enterprises. She is the author of Moving Beyond Posture: In Your Body On The Earth, Aston Postural Assessment Workbook, and Aston's Walking the New Body video. Her work is also featured in Dynamic Body by Erik Dalton.
Judith divides her time between presenting and teaching bodywork, fitness, performance, and movement workshops. She leads many Aston Kinetics training and certification courses, as well as speaking at professional conferences. She devotes a portion of her time to work on her ergonomic product designs and re-envisioning how products can work optimally for the body in various environments.
Judith lives with her husband Brian Linderoth in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, the headquarters for Aston Kinetics, and part-time in Hawaii.

Brian Linderoth is a graduate of University of Colorado Boulder with a B.S. in Physical Education. His dedication to physical education was seen in his passion for swimming. He was an All American Swimmer in 1973, 1974 and 1975. He was a swimming coach for two Master's Programs and YMCA age group teams from 1977-1978. He is an avid cyclist.
Once he graduated from the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in 1981 with 1,000 hours of training, he moved on to teaching Massage Therapy courses. He taught at his alma mater from 1982-1984. He joined the Aston-Patterning® Practitioner Certification in 1984. Upon receiving his certification, he continued extensive training and became a member of the Aston-Patterning® Faculty in 1988.
Brian has been teaching advanced Aston® Kinetics for 27 years. He has been practicing bodywork and movement coaching for 30 years. His vast experience in his practice of bodywork, movement, coaching and fitness offers clients and students a broad choice within his wealth of information and expertise.