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Hi All,


Just a quick thought for this month’s newsletter: SI’ers are GREAT people! Board member Kevin Lucas and I have been reaching out to SI’ers this past month (and will continue to do so) to get a feel for what ways IASI is serving our members well and where we can do better. We have been enjoying the process of interacting and meeting many folks who we have never met before. So far, it’s one of my favorite parts of my job as president. Keep your ears up for your phone ringtone as it just may be me or Kevin calling.

Manny Aragon
President of the Board, IASI 

If you would like to reach out to us you can email the IASI office and messages will be forwarded our way.

IASI Yearbook

The 2018 IASI Yearbook is off to the printer! Members should check their mailboxes in November for this exciting yearly publication. There is some great content to look forward to by CBSI professionals like; Judith Aston, Manny Aragon, Daniel Akins, Ritchie Mintz, Kevin Frank, Ray McCall, Corey Hess, Robin Graber, Tom Myers, Caryn Pierce, and Anita Boser.

We appreciate all the authors, peer reviewers, advertisers, and IASI members that have worked hard to put this yearbook together. You and your contributions have made this possible. Yearbooks are scheduled to hit mailboxes in November.  

Learn more about ordering past IASI yearbooks. 

Member Spotlight


Angela Donovan
Location of Practice: Leamington Spa, UK
Website: SI Directory
: Anatomy Trains
Graduation Date: June 2012

What do you enjoy most about practicing SI? 

I enjoy working with my clients! Each and every one one of them is unique, with their own story and personality. I love the reaction on their faces when they start to become aware of what is happening. I relish the moment when they get it and feel the change starting to hold; they begin moving with more freedom, relieved of pain, and find their line. The experiences they have when each building block stacks into place and the anatomical journey of bodily discovery SI takes them through is food for the soul.

I love the journey each of my clients takes me on and the learning I receive from their emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The trust and the love that grows between you and your client as the sessions develop is rewarding. I enjoy each continuing education course I attend, and I love being part of this amazing family that has a unique gift to evolve the human species…it’s special.

What has been the biggest hurdle in your practice?

Finding the time to connect and learn from the knowledge within the SI community has been difficult at best. When we are together in classes we unite as a community, and when we are separate I’ve felt disconnected. In the UK, there are just over 60 practitioners. Each of us strives to create our own successes, find clients, build our practice, keep learning, maintain a work-life balance, and so on, but it’s a challenge. Earning enough to be able to travel overseas yearly to further my training is difficult enough. Knowing where to go for training, who and what is available, making sure I’m on everyone's mailing lists, keeping on top of the communication sent via emails— all of it is an even larger challenge.

I am a natural fixer. If something I need isn’t available I seek to source it or create it. This is how SI Directory.com evolved. I spoke to many practitioners from different parts of the world, and my thoughts were echoed: there wasn’t a good platform available that enabled worldwide signposting of everything related to SI. SI-Directory fills an entirely different role from the one IASI fills, and one that can only strengthen our profession.

This is why I created SI-Directory.com; it is my contribution to our community, a signposting tool for SI, and a place where practitioners and information can be found.

My second challenge has been understanding and describing the different brands of SI. Answering my clients' questions about SI. Though the majority haven’t heard of it, they may have heard of Rolfing. One in five clients ask me, “Is this Rolfing?” or, “the same as Rolfing?”...They don’t know that Rolfing is SI. They don’t know that Hellerwork, Soma, Anatomy Trains, Morales Method, NMI, ISM are all SI. In my mind, we all practice Structural Integration and carry a lineage within our brands of training. We need to unite as Structural Integration Practitioners in one place and then differentiate between the brands, which to me, presents to the public a clearer message.

These are my challenges and my contribution to the solution is SI-Directory.com...I hope it becomes our solution.

What makes SI Directory unique?

SI-Directory is a platform that profiles all schools of training and the qualifications they individually offer. It more completely profiles the lineage of SI. It is a place where all SI practitioners can be listed and found. It is a platform that promotes events run by practitioners, schools, and CE providers of SI Worldwide. It provides a comprehensive platform that offers multiple mediums to promote ourselves, articles, products, and events via text, photo, video, and audio with the ability to share on most social media platforms.

This is the first of its kind for Structural Integration, and this is what makes it unique.

Would you like to share a success story? 

I would like my success story to be SI-Directory.com. I would like for SI-Directory to work for everyone, support our community, and strengthen the international community of the SI profession. Just think: if we all asked our clients for reviews Worldwide and we shared them on one platform, what an amazing success story we’d have as a profession. These stories are currently building on SI-Directory/reviews...The greater success of this story is yet to come!

What are your hopes for the profession of SI?

My hope is that we unite together more than we have currently in order to build public awareness. The more practitioners, articles, and content we have located in one place, the more powerful we become in the search engines. The goal is to have one big signposting tool where we can be directed to schools, events, colleagues, and articles. It doesn’t matter what school we trained with, where we are located, or our language; we are all here to evolve human bodies and ourselves.

My goal is that SI-Directory.com will help us do that while strengthening IASI and our international SI community.

CBSI Update

2018 Certification Renewals Are Due!

The Certification Board of Structural Integration must ensure that people who hold the credential maintain their competency in practice. We do that through our Certification Maintenance Program, which is your report of your ongoing professional development work. Every four years, BCSI’s need to report 72 Continuing Education and Experience Credits (yep, volunteering, teaching, writing, even self-directed studies DO earn credits). You also must pay a $150 fee, which maintains the program and helps to keep the exam (and the value of your BCSI credential) current to continue to be certified and use the title of Board Certified Structural Integrator (BCSI). All reporting and payment must be made online. Read the requirements and look at the reporting form.

Not sure when or if your membership is expiring? Check your expiration date by logging in to your IASI account. If you are having trouble logging in please email the IASI office for help.

Update on the New Examination for 2019

Keeping our certification examination current and excellent is vital to the validity of our credential. We are on track to complete the first complete examination revision in 2019. This could not happen without your wonderful volunteer work. We are grateful to the 16 BCSI’s who are writing new exam questions right now. We will keep you updated as we go through each of the next steps to create an excellent, psychometrically valid examination. 

Nevada Board Certification

Oregon and Nevada recognize the Certification Examination for Structural Integration (CESI) as a licensure exam. Nevada also issues the first Board of Massage Therapy distinct license for Structural Integration practitioners. This new license requires passing the CESI.

Read more about CBSI's October Update

Upcoming CE Courses 

Core Integration Visceral Manipulation Module Four of Four
Riverdale, The Bronx, NY | November 1–4, 2018

Teaching Fluidity & Subtle Movement - Undulation Instructor Training 
Kent, WA | November 34, 2018

Introduction to Advanced Series Work
San Francisco, CA | November 37, 2018

Fifth International Fascia Research Congress
Berlin, Germany | November 1415, 2018

Engaging the Rhythm of Regulation - Trauma Informed Skills for SI Practitioner
Torino, Italy | November 29December 2, 2018

For our full list of IASI approved courses, please visit our online calendar.

Upcoming Exams

Salt Lake City, UT Certification Exam for Structural Integration | December 6, 2018
Registration closes November 22, 2018

Omaha, NE Certification Exam for Structural Integration | January 24, 2019
Registration closes January 10, 2019

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