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Find Out Why You Should Attend Symposium

We are excited to connect with the SI Community at our 2018 Symposium! Check out this video for our exciting lineup and register online today

Learn More About Becoming Certified


The Certification Board for Structural Integration establishes and enforces education, examination, experience, and ethics requirements to strengthen the interests of Structural Integration professionals and protect the public.

Certification tells the world that we are a standards-based professional discipline. We are small now, and we have a heap of work ahead of us. CBSI’s Certification Program stakes our claim for the future of this profession. Your clients may not know much about your certification today – ours is a highly personal practice, but in the ever-expanding world of personal practitioners of human development, certification will tell clients, other body-mind-spirit philosophers, scientists, and practitioners that we are one body, capable of holding ourselves to standards that we regularly examine and protect.

The Certification Board is looking forward to meeting you in April at the 2018 IASI Symposium in Vancouver, WA, USA where we are offering one of our CBSI Examinations

Law & Regulation Updates

Massachusetts - Two Senate bills calling for “bodywork” licensure and including Structural Integration under this title, are making their way through the Senate. Several Federation MBS organizations oppose the bills and are looking for someone local to head up the cause for stopping the bill. The bill’s sponsor, Senator Montigny, has failed to return calls for meeting with our member organizations.

Minnesota - AMTA-MN has drafted a massage licensure bill and had planned to submit it two years from now. However, a series of events has pushed AMTA-MN to submit their bill this legislative session. Those events are 1) sexual misconduct at a local Massage Envy, 2) Sen. Al Franken's resignation amid allegations of past sexual misconduct, 3) storefront brothels claiming to do massage or bodywork, and 4) the 2018 Super Bowl with its human trafficking and prostitution problems will be hosted in Minnesota.

Pressure has grown to push through a "massage AND bodywork" bill this session. The AMTA’s bill sponsor does not want to expand the bill to include “bodywork,” but others in the legislature do. Thankfully, AMTA-MN has supported the FedMBS organizations’ desires for exemption and appropriate regulation has included exemption language for SI in their current bill and has kept us in the loop.

Georgia - AMTA-GA is planning to submit a bill expanding the state’s current massage licensure to require "bodywork" licensure, as well, and to create a new Massage and Bodywork Board. We have heard that AMTA-GA has inserted broad language excluding the ability to "manipulate joints”. However, neither IASI nor the FedMBS has seen the draft. AMTA National’s Government Relations division received a copy of the new draft Friday, January 5, and hasn't had a chance to review it. They cannot make it available until it has cleared internal review.

AMTA’s policy on legislation - AMTA national’s new policy regarding legislation is that anything legislative submitted by a local chapter must be submitted to national for review to make sure it complies with national's standards. These standards can be found on the AMTA website: Go to “regulation” on the home page and then “government relations overview” on the right side of the page. Note this language: “Exemption from licensure for any person whose practice is not conducted in a way to imply that it is the practice of massage therapy and who does not hold out to the public that their practice is massage therapy.” While they do not state explicitly that they support appropriate, non-massage regulation for other professions, that has been their stance and could be implied from the support of exemption in their standards.

Visit IASI's Law & Regulation page for more information about SI law and regulation. If you have any individual questions please feel free to contact Deborah Nimmons, Law and Regulation Committee Chair, IASI Board of Directors.

Member Spotlight


Name: Tristan Koepke

Location of Practice: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Website: www.posturaltherapies.com

School: Rolf Insitute of Structural Integration

Graduation Date: December 2016

What do you enjoy most about practicing SI?

I love showing up to the office every day with a renewed sense of curiosity about SI… what and how we work as SI practitioners seems to constantly be evolving in conversation with our clients’ varied needs and willingness to change. 

What has been the biggest hurdle in your practice?

In my other career as a professional contemporary dancer, I spend my time sharing the studio and stage with colleagues. Both of my careers are intensely social in their own ways, but with my SI practice it can sometimes feel as though I’m all alone (of course not completely as I’m with my clients). What I crave is shared space and comradery with my colleagues. Because of this, I am helping to organize more regular gatherings for local SI practitioners to get together, both to practice skills/modes of working and also just share time, stories, and advice.

Would you like to share a success story?

Recently, I was finishing a ten-series with a client, who growing up had some minor cerebral palsy that has caused fairly significant and long-lasting discomfort in posture and gait. What’s more, this client recently underwent gender confirmation surgery. Like many, SI seemed to be their last resort after years of PT, chiropractic, yoga, and acupuncture to help deal with chronic pain. As soon as the series was over, they told me that they had expected to notice some change throughout the series, but they were extremely surprised to notice profound changes, both in posture and gait, as well as increased general comfort living in their own skin. There is almost no greater pleasure than knowing that my work has helped someone in such a simple and profound way.

What makes you or your practice unique?

Probably due to my experience in dance, movement improvisation, and various forms of somatic techniques, I am never shy to ask clients to try different movements or exercises to help further the work. I am so glad that I can share my skills and knowledge to help people consciously integrate what we work on in the office into their everyday lives.

What are your hopes for the profession of Structural Integration?

I hope that we continue to gain traction. The more we offer great work to clients, and the more we hold each other accountable for new information and research, the more we can promote SI as an invaluable modality of healing. I would love to see SI move out of the margins and into the forefront.

Upcoming CE Courses 

Functional Methods Module 2
Boston, MA | January 25-27, 2018

Teaching SI: A Workshop for Women SI Teachers
Niwot, CO | January 29-31, 2018

Fascial Dissection Workshop
Tempe, AZ | January 25-27, 2018

Functional Methods Module 2
Boulder, CO| January 25-27, 2018

Functional Methods Module 2
Boston, MA | January 25-27, 2018

For our full list of IASI approved courses, please visit our online calendar.

Upcoming Certification Exams

Vancouver, WA, USA Certification Exam | At 2018 IASI Symposium | April 26, 2018
Registration closes April 12, 2018

Laguna Beach, CA, USA Certification Exam | June 9, 2018
Registration closes May 25, 2018

IASI Yearbook - Content Submissions

IASI is seeking submissions for the 2018 IASI Yearbook of Structural Integration. We encourage submissions from practitioners, teachers, and vendors. Learn more about content guidelines and submission instructions online.

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