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Attend the 2018 IASI Symposium


Join us this year for the 2018 IASI Symposium. Taking part in this event gives you the chance to network, learn, and celebrate the industry. You can meet SI leaders, strategists, and innovators and discover cutting-edge products, services, and techniques.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with other committed and passionate professionals in the SI community. We will be gathering just 15 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon at the Hilton Vancouver.


IASI Member Talks About Symposium

"Symposium is an opportunity to come out of the solitude of private practice in Structural Integration. I look forward to sharing work experiences from the last year with my colleagues and feeling the gratitude and pride of being part of a larger community of practitioners united in a common goal."

–Justin Farrell, Certified Rolfer, IASI Board Member

New IASI School—The Pacific School of Structural Integration

Yona, Guam

Patricia Pexa is the founder of the new Pacific School of Structural Integration (PSSI), one of the recently accredited institutions to join the IASI family. This month, Pexa took some time to speak with us from the site of PSSI in Yona, Guam and was kind enough to share some wisdom, well-earned over two decades as a practitioner of Structural Integration.

Pexa graduated from The Rolf Institute in 2001 after 30 years in academia. While her decision to enter the field may have been a quick one, her dedication to the work, its development, and its proliferation prove steadfast. Pexa was intentional about her education process and sought studies with Liz Gaggini, Sally Klemm, Lael Keen, Tessy Brungardt, and Pedro Prado in order to develop what would ultimately become a practice focused on a gentle, listening touch. When asked what distinguishes her work and the work done at PSSI, she draws on a phrase we as Structural Integrators can all be well served to use as a mantra: "What does the tissue tell you?"

With a 30 year background in academia, Pexa says she feels well-equipped to design a workflow adapted to her small but dedicated group of students. Currently, the program at PSSI is three years long and class scheduling is customizable to students needs. Eventually, Pexa hopes to reach out her teaching to other parts of Asia.

If you would like to learn more about the Pacific School of Structural Integration (PPSI) email Patricia Pexa today. 

Upcoming CE Courses 

The Art of Structural Integration with David Davis
Salt Lake City, UT | March 1-3, 2018

Undulation—Teaching Fluidity and Subtle Movement Workshop with Anita Boser
Palatine, IL | March 3-4, 2018

Spring Basic Training
Salt Lake City, UT | March 9-11, 2018

Functional Methods: Assessments & Treatments Module 2
Chicago, IL | March 12-15, 2018

Nerve and Artery Mobilization for Structural Integrators
Eugene, OR | March 12-15, 2018

For our full list of IASI approved courses, please visit our online calendar.

Upcoming Certification Exams

Vancouver, WA, USA Certification Exam | At 2018 IASI Symposium | April 26, 2018
Registration closes April 12, 2018

Laguna Beach, CA, USA Certification Exam | June 9, 2018
Registration closes May 25, 2018

IASI Yearbook - Content Submissions

IASI is seeking submissions for the 2018 IASI Yearbook of Structural Integration. We encourage submissions from practitioners, teachers, and vendors. Learn more about content guidelines and submission instructions online.

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