February 2017 Newsletter

The 2017 Yearbook Is Coming Soon!

February 17, 2017


IASI Newsletter

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Eyes On The Brand

Early this year, the IASI Education Team got wind that a large chain massage therapy school was advertising continuing education classes with "Structural Integration" in the titles and descriptions. A quick investigation confirmed that the instructors and content clearly had nothing to do with SI. After an initial email from the Education Team requesting that the school remove all references to Structural Integration, and several pointed follow ups, we were pleased to see them comply! Communications with the school continues as the team monitors their offerings. Check out our full calendar for upcoming CE courses.

If you spot Structural Integration being misused, please report it to the IASI Office and we WILL follow up on it!

Legislative Alerts

Minnesotans - If you can work with a group of massage therapists to help draft language to protect SI in their upcoming bill to be submitted to their legislature, the group drafting the bill would like to speak with you. Contact us at the IASI Office and we'll put you in touch.

Oklahoma Legislative Alert - The legislature passed a massage licensing law last year and did not specifically exempt SI nor include appropriate regulatory language. They have brought the massage law back up this year - it is our chance to get SI favorable language in. They need to hear from someone who practices in the state - a constituent who votes! Learn more. We can send you what we submitted last year if you'll take up the cause. OR we can help you with alternative language if you prefer. Contact us at the IASI Office if you are in Oklahoma.

North Dakota Legislative Alert - SB 2092 recently passed the Senate and is moving quickly. They say it only concerns minimal language changes that were promoted by the Board. It is expected to pass. Review the article and see if there are any matters that concern you.

Nebraska Legislative Alert - There are a few bills in Nebraska, including one to exempt Reflexology from massage regulation. Here is the more general article to the many massage related bills this session.

Massachusetts Legislative Alert - Two bills to respond to! SD 1083 and SD 1086. They are both bodywork bills, allegedly related to human trafficking and contain some of the same problematic language as each other and as the bill from last year that got shelved. It appears to have resurrected.

Indiana Legislative Alert - Bill #B1289 is a bill to require licensure of massage therapists. There is no exemption for SI. We need practitioners to step forward and take this on. There's a hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, February 14, 8:30am. Please, call your representatives and those listed at this link to find out when and where the hearing will be and what will be happening next regarding this bill. Contact the IASI Office if you can help.

Alaska Legislative Alert - The Alaska State Legislature has introduced HB110 sponsored by Representative Sam Kito at the request of the Board of Massage Therapists. Public testimony in House Labor and Commerce is Wednesday, February 15 at 3:15 Alaska time.

The proposed change removes exceptions to massage regulation from statute and gives the board discretion to decide whether to exempt a profession as well as the authority to charge a fee for exceptions. (Exceptions = exemptions)

Some members of the board have pushed to regulate SI as massage in Alaska. This is your opportunity to speak up. IASI wants to support you.

Join the House Labor and Commerce Committee

Your Ad Submission for the Annual IASI Yearbook is in High Demand!

We want to share your work as a Structural Integrator with the IASI membership. Secure your ad space in the IASI yearbook today! Before submitting an ad, please review our website for more information on the submission guidelines, copy requirements, and ad pricing. Make the most of your chance to showcase your work and the great service you are providing in the SI field. To be included in the 2017 IASI yearbook, you must place your ad by February 28, 2017.


IASI Approved Schools...We Want To Showcase You!

We are also excited to showcase each of our IASI approved schools in the upcoming Yearbook. We seem to be missing some of you! If you haven't filled out the form-or if you have no idea what this is about, please contact Kirstin Fossum by February 28, 2017! We need your info as quickly as possible!

We now have a limited number of IASI Yearbooks from 2013-2016 for sale on the IASI website. Purchase yours today!

Continuing Education Classes

Functional Methods for Structural Integrators: Assessments & Treatments with Jeffrey Burch, Module 1: February 17-19, 2017; Module 2: May 5-7, 2017; Module 3: August 11-13, 2017; Module 4: November 17-19, 2017.

Functional Methods for Manual Therapy: Assessments & Treatments with Jeffrey Burch, Module 1: February 23-25, 2017.

Functional Methods for Structural Integrators: Assessment & Treatments with Jeffrey Burch, Newton, MA, Module 3: March 18-20, 2017; Module 4: June 10-12, 2017.

Unraveling the Confusion: New Ideas for Working with Scoliosis with David Davis | March 10 - 12, 2017 | Denver, CO.

IASI International Association of Structural Integrators
[email protected] |1-855-253-IASI (4274) | www.theiasi.net

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