December 2017 Newsletter

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IASI President's Message

Dear IASI Members,

We hope you have had a wonderful year in your practice and your life. For IASI, 2017 was a year of building – building new relationships, new strategies, and a new IASI Symposium. We also recognized two new schools of Structural Integration, that will be holding their first classes in the new year – The Pacific School of Structural Integration in Guam, and the Morales Method Academy of Structural Integration in San Francisco.

In June 2017, I had the great fortune to visit several of our colleagues in Europe. I spent a wonderful afternoon with Ales Urbanczik and Karen Schweg in Zurich. Their idea of a business meeting was to take the ferry up and down Lake Zurich for the afternoon. I learned about Karen's and Ales's extraordinary work to make SI officially recognized in Switzerland as a complementary therapy eligible for health insurance and separate from massage.

From Zurich, I then went on to Munich where Robert Schleip shared his latest research efforts in measuring effective SI. I also met with Herbert Grassman (a member of the IASI Board of Directors) who showed me around the beautiful city of Munich. I was so glad to meet such accomplished colleagues in Europe.

In April, the IASI Board of Directors spent a full weekend developing a practical strategic plan to carry our work forward for several years to come, and we have continued to review our progress each quarter. Be sure to catch up on the latest updates and IASI's vast library of SI resources by logging into your member profile

Every year we have seen more and more people completing SI trainings across the world – from Poland to Australia and Brazil to Canada. IASI takes great pride in knowing our work is growing as it helps ease the bodies and lives of thousands of our fellow human beings.

We hope you are having a warm holiday season and we wish you the very best for 2018!

We hope to see you this April at the 2018 IASI Symposium in Vancouver, WA, USA.

Tom Robinson, IASI President

   IASI 2018 Symposium

 Don't forget that we have extended early registration until January 2, 2018.

Member Spotlight


Name: Adam Leavens, RMT, BCSI, FAFS

Location of Practice: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


School: Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (Formerly KMI)

Graduation Date: June 2015

What do you enjoy most about practicing SI?

Being an educator and problem solver by nature, I enjoy the opportunity to work with people on many different levels. Seeing people connect to their body and gifting them a level of awareness that may not have been present brings value to my practice. I enjoy educating patients on why their pain or complaints might be present and teaching them specific exercises or awareness cues that can help them take ownership of their health. The uniqueness that my patients bring to each series and the challenge of recognizing what each person needs in our sessions together allows me to use my intellect, intuition and problem-solving skills. Ultimately, the opportunity to help someone regain something that was potentially out of reach for them and assisting people in living a better life is what I enjoy most. 

What has been the biggest hurdle in your practice?

The biggest hurdle for me so far is where to incorporate all my skills and knowledge within "the series." I'm constantly taking courses, learning new skills, and gaining frameworks to work within. Many times, these frameworks, though inclusive of each other, put more emphasis on one form of work than the other. I would say that my internal battle with blending "on the table" Structural Integration series work with more "off the table" functional movement and Gait Training is a challenging process at this time. 

What makes you or your practice unique?

One of the things that makes my practice unique is that I've dedicated myself to lifelong learning. I'm always learning new skills and techniques which improve my assessment framework so that I can help the people that I work with to the best of my abilities. Hanging around Tom Myers for close to 2.5 years along with courses such as Fascial Fitness with Robert Schleip, Ph.D. and the 10-month GIFT program from the Gray Institute with Gary Gray have added immense depth to my practice.

What are your hopes for the profession of Structural Integration?

My hope for the profession of Structural Integration is that it continues to grow its membership, continues to evolve, and becomes more well-known and accepted in the fields of healthcare and rehabilitation.

Upcoming CE Courses 

Fascial Dissection Workshop 
Tempe, AZ,| January 8-12, 2018

Advanced Training the Classic Five Series of Structural Integration
Franklin, TN | January 8-13, 2018

Functional Methods: Assessments & Treatments Module 1 
Chicago, IL | January 12-14, 2018

Module 2 Functional Methods: Assessments & Treatments
Eugene, OR | January 18-20, 2018

WheelerWork: Innovative Tools & Strategies for Enhanced S.I. Results
South-Central Ecuador | January 19-23, 2018

Functional Methods Module 2
Boston, MA | January 25-27, 2018

For our full list of IASI approved courses, please visit our online calendar.

Upcoming Certification Exams

Sacramento, CA, USA Certification Exam | January 26, 2018
Registration closes January 12, 2018

Vancouver, WA, USA Certification Exam | At 2018 Symposium | April 26, 2018
Registration closes April 12, 2018

Laguna Beach, CA, USA Certification Exam | June 9, 2018
Registration closes May 25, 2018

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