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IASI Interview with Marty Morales

IASI Interview with Marty Morales

Interview by Megan Cox, Tucson Structural Bodywork

Marty Morales is the founder of the Morales Method of Manual Therapy & Body Conditioning. This month Morales took some time to speak with me about traditional Structural Integration, The Morales Method®, and connecting students with resources in the digital age.

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IASI Management Change

Dear members, partners, and friends, 

It is with a heavy heart that IASI announces that we will part ways with Dena Maluchnik as our Executive Director. With the increase in activity for IASI, as well as the resurgence of CBSI, IASI discovered that the work of one Executive Director along with volunteer Board members was not enough to keep up with the demands of our growing organization. The IASI Board of Directors looked at how best to support the infrastructure of IASI and what would allow IASI to grow and be sustainable in the future. Our decision, while hard, was to turn to an Association Management Company (AMC). This is the most cost effective way to ensure IASI a solid foundation for the future. 

The company we have chosen is SBI Association Management, based in Seattle, Washington. SBI is accredited by the AMC Institute and specializes in serving small non-profits, like IASI. Several of their clients are healthcare associations, including podiatrists and psychiatrists. This experience in medical-based associations allows SBI to fully understand our professional needs. SBI demonstrated to us great skill and experience in running the details of a membership organization like IASI. SBI is already proficient in the membership software we use and in planning and holding symposia and other gatherings. SBI will communicate with members frequently and informatively. We found we could keep IASI's costs lower while we grow in members, so that the IASI Board may focus on important strategic issues for SI practitioners and schools.

We feel that our partnership with SBI will help the Board focus on strategic areas like lobbying, school standards, and symposia, while leaving management of membership dues and renewals, email newsletters, website, and many CBSI details to SBI. With their experience in event planning, we are looking forward to revving up the 2017 IASI Symposium planning with them later this summer. SBI is one of the best and hiring an AMC can be a great decision if you hire the right one, as we believe we have. 

Please update your records with IASI's new office contact information:
2150 N 107th St, Ste 205 
Seattle, WA 98133

Our main phone number 1-855-253-IASI (4274) and email address remains [email protected]. When you write or call the IASI Office, any one of the SBI staff will be able to help you.

We are sorry to say goodbye to Dena Maluchnik, who served us with so much effort over the last three years. Her heart and dedication to IASI will truly be missed.

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