IASI Teams

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these teams below, please contact the IASI Office and we will connect you with the team contact.

Bylaws Team

Periodically reviews the IASI bylaws and recommends revisions to the Board of Directors for their consideration.

Law & Regulation Team

Tracks existing and proposed state/federal legislation in the U.S. pertaining to structural integration. Assesses the regulated status of practitioners in other countries as needed. Provides information and advice to members about the impact of law and regulation on practice. Recommends policy and/or position statements to IASI board, and assists with implementation as requested.

Communications Team

Works with the Executive Director to devise and implement, with approval from the Board of Directors, plans for increasing and sustaining membership in IASI from all countries of the world. Collects and interprets information about member needs, interests, and satisfaction. Develops plans for new member benefits. Also works with the Executive Director to develop strategies to promote structural integration, SI schools, and practitioners to the public, other professional disciplines, and relevant government agencies and industries. Assists Executive Director as needed with implementation of plans authorized by the Board of Directors.

Ethics Team

Provides information and advice about the ethical practice of structural integration to IASI members and the public. Evaluates and updates IASI’s ethical standards, recommending revisions as needed to the Board of Directors. Develops and employs procedures to investigate and resolve ethics violations and complaints, and recommends specific action on complaints and violations to the Board of Directors.  

School Outreach and Educational Standards Team

Develops and recommends to the Board of Directors standards for educational programs resulting in IASI recognition, including core curricular structure and content, instructional approaches, educator requirements, expected competencies of graduates, and quality assurance. Approves providers and courses in accordance with policy.

Yearbook Team

Produces the annual professional publication of the IASI Yearbook. Establishes and maintains standards for authors, submissions, editorial practices and publication design under direction of the Editor, who is selected by the Board of Directors.