September 29, 2016

IASI Newsletter

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Visit the New IASI Website

We invite you to take a look around the new website at and let us know if you have any feedback by emailing the office at [email protected]

A few highlights of our new and improved website include:

  • A dynamic search tool to find IASI member practitioners, with the ability to filter by BCSI practitioner members and/or CE provider members. The CE Provider status is still in process, so if you are a CE Provider and not marked as such in our database, stay tuned! 
  • CBSI information is now fully integrated into the IASI website
  • New members-only area with improved navigation and the addition of newsletter archives. Members, make sure to login and update your profile and add an updated headshot photo! (Sorry, we were unable to transfer your photos from the old site)
  • Updated event calendar featuring upcoming CE Courses and CBSI exams. If you would like to post a CE course, learn about becoming an approved provider, and then submit your listing online.

Again, we welcome your feedback, and hope that IASI members and members of the public seeking information about Structural Integration find our new site useful!

Letter from the Outgoing President

September marks the end of my term as President of IASI. I have been on the Board for five years now, and will stay on as a consultant while the leadership transition takes place.

As part of IASI, I’ve been witness to great passion from our community for Structural Integration. I walked into a shell of an organization, and with the help of many volunteer Board members and dedicated elders and leaders in our field, I’ve watched IASI grow stronger every year.

I am honored to be a part of such great community. I respect the diversity I have seen between different branches of SI, and have also seen great similarities in all of them. I believe each school represents a path that is chosen by a practitioner, filling the needs of that individual. Our diversity brings creativity and life into the profession.

While it is hard to let go of the reins, I am excited to be able to focus more of my energy on the Soma Institute, where I teach. I am extremely grateful for those who have supported and worked closely with me; Breta Stroud, Milree Keeling, Carli Herrs, Ward Sener, Anita Boser, Marilyn Beech, Liz Stewart, Molly Brackett, Patty Murphy-Desmond (and Liam!), Anna Timmons, Stefani Boyer-Patel, Tim Brennan, Amber Leigh Burnham, Kim Farrel, Deborah Nimmons, Dr. Herbert Grassman, Libby Eason, Kirstin Torres, Michael Murphy (who I hope to follow in losing 10 lbs after leaving a Board of Directors) and incoming President Tom Robinson. I would have pulled all of my hair out by now if it wasn’t for you all.

I will still be working with our schools to create stronger educational standards for a basic graduate of Structural Integration. Over the past year, many non-compliant schools have dug deep and increased their training hours to maintain IASI recognition. This was no easy task, and an enormous commitment for these schools, while others were let go in the process. I am proud that this was accomplished. School leaders have and will continue to meet to jointly create a School Approval process that serves our profession. IASI School Approval is a general process by which a school or program of Structural Integration is evaluated. Schools approved by IASI will have shown to have achieved a minimum level of basic Structural Integration education, based on an accepted set of educational standards.

Our new President, Tom Robinson, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to running a Board of Directors. His ability to connect with others and his leadership as VP has already strengthened IASI. With the firmer organizational foundation brought by SBI, I only see IASI continuing on in its growth!

Respect Always,
Denise Foster Scott

Certification Board for Structural Integration (CBSI)


Calling YOU to write and review questions for the Certification Examination for Structural Integration! Why you?

  • You will grow professionally—and you’ll earn IASI CE credits for your time spent
  • You will work in a small group with your peers, learning from each other
  • You’ll have ongoing support from the Examination Committee, as well as complete training for the role
  • You will support the growth of the entire profession—it takes all of us to make it happen 
  • All SI practitioners are welcome for this part of the work

We truly need your help to make this revised examination better than all that have come before. Will you talk with us about it? 

Email [email protected] or [email protected] today!

Georgia Legislative Alert

Georgia is looking to revise its Massage Therapy Practice Act, creating in its place a law to encompass massage therapy and bodywork that includes regulating Structural Integration. Below is a link to a PDF of the most recent copy we have of the proposed changes. Libby Eason alerted us to the proposed changes, is in contact with those involved in the change process, and is spear-heading activities within the state to represent our profession. If you have any questions and to get involved at the local level, please, contact Libby Eason and Deborah Nimmons with IASI.

Please review the proposed amendment to the Georgia Massage Therapy Act.

Continuing Education Classes

Myofascial Techniques Recording Series with Til Luchau, Online, Ongoing.

AT3.16 Advanced Training - Open to All SI Practitioners with Ray McCall & Juan David Velez, Orlando, FL, Phase I: September 5-9, September 12-15, September 19-23 2016, Phase II: January 23-27, January 30-February 3, 2017.

RM Workshop: Movement - Seeing & Communicating with our Clients with Jane Harrington and Patrice Naparstek, St Paul, MN, September 30 - October 1, 2016.

AT1.16 Advanced Training with Tessy Brungardt and Russell Stolzoff, St Paul, MN, Phase 1: May 9-12, May 16-20, May 23-25, Phase II: 10/3-6, 10/10-14, 10/17-19, 2016.

Nerve and Artery Mobilization for Structural Integrators and other Manual Therapists, Module 2 with Kirstin Schumaker, Walpole ME, October 15-18, 2016.

Biomechanics of Alignment - Intensive 8-Day Training with Liz Gaggini, Katonah, NY, November 1-4 & November 7-10, 2016.

Joint Restriction in SI - The Lumbar/Pelvic Algorithm with John deMahy 
New York, NY, November 12-14, 2016

Structural Integration Workshop with Nilce Silveira and Maria Eugenia Ortiz
Ilhabela, SP, Brasil, November 25-27, 2016

Functional Methods for Structural Integrators: Assessment & Treatments with Jeffrey Burch, Newton, MA, Module 1: November 18-20, 2016; Module 2: January 21-23, 2017; Module 3: March 18-20, 2017; Module 4: June 10-12, 2017.

Certification Exam for Structural Integration - Portland, OR, December 4, 2016

Certification Exam for Structural Integration - Boulder, CO, December 17, 2016

Breathing and Walking - Embodiment and Intervention with Mary Bond, Seattle, WA, November 27-29 & December 1-2, 2016.

AT2.16 Advanced Training with Pedro Prado, Boulder, CO, Phase I: July 18-August 4, Phase II: November 28-December 15, 2016.

IASI International Association of Structural Integrators
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