Certification Exam

CBSI maintains and administers the CESI: Certification Exam for Structural
Integration . CBSI follows a rigorous process to create a psychometrically
valid certification examination. A diverse, representative practitioner
group works with a professional psychometrician to describe the practice of
SI. The result is called a Practice Analysis (PA). The PA identifies broad
domains of practice and lists the tasks within each domain with the
specific knowledge statements needed to perform each task safely and
competently. After the PA is validated by a profession-wide survey, it is
used to create an exam to test entry-level knowledge necessary for the safe
and effective practice of SI. The CESI is not meant to define or limit the
scope of Structural Integration. All certified Structural Integration practitioners
are encouraged to participate in writing questions for the next exam. 
CBSI hopes that you will consider participating in this rewarding process.

The first official administration of the CESI took place on October 7, 2007
at the IASI Symposium in Boston. Since then, more than 400 candidates have
taken the CESI. If you wish to schedule an exam in a specific locale,
please contact us and we will work to bring the CESI to you. As additional
exams are scheduled, dates are published to this website.

Upcoming Certification Exams for Structural Integration