• No more than 25 hours of credit can be earned through mentoring for each four-year cycle without prior approval.
  • Requirements for mentor: 5 years of practice of Structural Integration.
  • Mentor and Student each get 1 CE hour per hour of contact.
  • Subject areas: structural integration, business skills, case reviews.

Support/Study Group of Structural Integrators

  • At least 3 IASI members present must be present 
  • 0.5 hour of CE credit will be given for each hour of group time, up to 25 hours per four-year cycle. 
  • Notes about when and where the group met and what was discussed must be documented. 
  • Publication of Groups Study article in peer journal earns extra 3 CE hours per member. 
  • The IASI Group Study form must be filled out by all members of the study group within 60 days of the completion of the group to receive credit.
Pre-Recorded Materials
  • Prerecorded materials may be eligible for IASI Category 1 credit provided that they have been pre-approved for credit and have an evaluation or test, which must be passed for credit. Up to 8 hours in one 4 year cycle.


Publications about Structural Integration will be awarded credit based upon the length of the article and where the article is published. A copy of the published article must be sent to the IASI office for credit. Guidelines are as follows: 
  • Published book on Structural Integration = 36 hours
  • Peer-reviewed / Professional Journal Article = 10 hours
  • Up to 36 hours of credit can be given for teaching Structural Integration Classes.