WORKSHOP: Resolving the Postural Pattern Underlying Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

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Date: Sunday, April 29th

Speaker: Lauren Christman & Richard Polishuk

Description: A key step in working systemically is clarifying when a client's pain is or is not generated by localized tissue injury. Shoulder pain is common and often misdiagnosed -- in this 3-hour workshop, we will clarify the difference between shoulder impingement syndrome and other types of glenohumeral injuries. Shoulder impingement involves a misalignment of the scapula and humerus that leads to limited and/or painful movement. You'll learn to distinguish the syndrome from tendon injuries or bursitis as well as the common postural pattern associated underlying this syndrome. We'll also cover soft tissue strategies for decompressing the deep layers that surround the joint and how to use the bone as a handle to balance function in the joint -- adding to your clarity and effectiveness as an SI practitioner.

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About the Speakers: 

Lauren: Licensed in 1994 in WA state; Craniosacral study and assisting with Bruno Ducoux, DO from 1995-2002; Craniosacral study and assisting with Ursula Popp, VCST/LAc (Milne Institute and independent program) from 1999-2004; Structural Integration/KMI study with Tom Myers 2003-04; teaching Anatomy Trains and KMI for Tom from 2005-2013; Visceral Manipulation and Neural Mobilization study with Christoph Sommer and other Barral instructors from 2005-2010. I have been teaching Intraoral, Pediatric Fascial Balancing and Myofascial Balancing classes from 2008 - present; this year I am taking over a certification program in Craniosacral Therapy.

Richard: Licensed in 1986 in WA state; Hellerwork certification with Joseph Heller in 1988-89; Cyriax-style injury treatment work (study and teaching) with Ben Benjamin from 1987-1991; studied and taught Muscle Energy Technique with Rich Phaigh from 1993-1996; certified in Aston-Patterning from 1995-99 along with 250+ hours post-certification advanced coursework. Lead teacher in the Advanced Certification in Orthopedic Massage from 2005-present; designed and teach continuing education courses in Myofascial Balancing.

Richard and Lauren presented at the first IASI conference in Bellevue, WA, and have co-authored many articles as well as a chapter on Structural Bodywork/Fascial Methods for Integrative Pain Management, published by Handspring in 2016. 

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