Movement Science in Structural Integration




Date: Friday, April 27th

Speaker: Anita Boser

Description: Applying the Science of Movement to the SI Series taking an SI session from bodywork on the table into a more client-centered movement is a critical piece for successful practice outcomes. This breakout session will relate movement lessons that pertain to specific sessions in the series with concepts of neuroplasticity. We will explore strategies that are particularly useful in helping practitioners relate to clients who have trouble with self-awareness and movement. Cues for more functional standing, sitting, and walking will be given. We will build from positional prompts to somatic learning using a progression that activates the part of the nervous system involved in learning movement (not quite accurately called motor neurons). Learn how to translate the knowledge that is in your body in a way that your clients' bodies will understand.

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    About the Speaker: Anita graduated from The Institute of Structural Medicine, where she studied with leading Hellerwork practitioners. She became a Board Certified Structural IntegratorCM in 2015. Anita is also a Viniyoga teacher. The movement lesson from session 6 of the Hellerwork series--undulation--changed her life. She wrote a book about it, "Undulation: Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young." Her articles have been published in Body Sense, Fibromyalgia Aware, International Journal of Yoga Therapy, and Massage & Bodywork.

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