2018 IASI Symposium Attendee List

as of 4/23/2018
*Please note this list does not include those who opted out

First Name Last Name Organization
Jens Q Adolphsen Bodyspaces
Kyra Ahlstrom KMI with Kyra
Daniel Akins Simpli City SI 
Barbara Anderson Barbara Anderson
Louie Arroyo Painstop Therapy
Judith Aston-Linderoth Aston Kinetics
Donna Bajelis Institute of Structural Medicine
Marilyn Beech  
Lou Benson Resting Up SI
Mary Bond  
Ingrid Bregand Sense & Soma LLC
Timothy Brennan IASI
Darren Buford Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Susan Bull Susan Bull, Structural Integration, and Clinical Visceral Massage
Amber Burnham Guild for Structural Integration
Jeffrey P. Burch Hands-On Therapies
L'aura Marie Campisi The Center for Structural Wellness
Kelly Chadwick Stillpoint Center for Healing Arts
Lori Childs Structural Integration
Lauren Christman Lauren Christman
Jennifer Clark Jennifer Clark
Jeffrey Dallas Cohn Bodywork by Dallas Inc
Willoughby Cooke Upright Integration
Chris Corrales MedicinEvolution
Rebecca Coursey Songbird Healing Studio
Karen Daniels Wellspring Structural Integration, PC
David G. Davis The Center of Structural Integration
Alby Dean Truckee Tahoe Rolfing Structural Integration
Julia Dearmond Julia DeArmond
Alyssa Dodson Structural Integration
Stacy Earlywine Earlywine Structural Medicine
Libby Eason Certified Advanced Rolfer
Justin Farrell Rolfing Arts
Kirstin Fossum Living Well Essentials
Jaime Gardner Oly Hellerwork
Scott Gauthier Church of the Divine Line
Casey Gordon Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand
Robin Graber Robin Graber, Certified Advanced Rolfer
Herbert Grassmann Skt Institut
Jean Louise Green Jean Louise Green, Certified Rolf Practitioner and CMT
David Gross David Gross Physical Therapy
Jesse Guerrero Rising Body Therapies, llc
Julie Hammond Anatomy Trains Australia & New Zealand
Ben Hanawalt A Life of Grace
Erin Hatlestad Orgions Sructural Integration
Carli Herrs Soma Kinetics Pilates & Structural Integration
Jennifer Hicks Soma Works
Karl E. Humiston RISI (Rolf Institute of Structural Integration)
Tressa James Grace Under Pressure Bodyworks
Tressa James Grace Under Pressure Bodyworks
Milree Keeling Central Mass Bodywork
Patricia Kemper Patricia Kemper, Structural Integrator
Terri Keppinger ZeroPoint Embodiment LLC (DBA North Shore Rolfing)
Vickie Kerr Living Well Essentials
Sally Klemm RISI
Larry Koliha ActionPotential.Inc.
Dennis Lacy Dennis Lacy Bodyworks
Bernice Landels Sandford Structural Integration & Massage Therapy
David Lesondak UPMC Center for Integrative Medicine
Aylin Llona Releasing Joy LLC
Frank Lowen Lowen Systems Dynamic Manual Interface
Kevin Lucas Neuro Movement Integration
Matt Mahan Mahan Structural Integration
Kevin Maloney Kevin Maloney Manual Therapy LLC
Carmen Miller  
Dorothy Miller Rolfing Connections
Lisa Miller Cascade Structural Medicine
Arnold Molina Zeropoint Embodiment LLC (DBA North Shore Rolfing)
Andrea Montera Integrity Bodyworks
Michael Murphy Michael Murphy, Certified Rolfer
Jesse  Nethercote  
Elisa Noel Guild
David Olson Bemer Group
Cara Orscheln Anam Cara Healing Arts
Isaac Osborne Body Align Pro
Sue Pannetier Feel Lifted Soft Tissue Therapy
Patricia Pexa Pacific School of Structural Integration
Judith C. Pickles BobyMind Integration
Richard Polishuk Crafted Touch
Michael Polon The Rolf Institute
Gina Purl Embody Freedom Rolfing
Lucia Regan Contract Sponsor/Exhibitor Sales
Tom Robinson Cascade Rolfing
Micaela Rubiola Kariang A.s.d.
Nadine Samila Roots In BodyWork Ltd
Kirstin Schumaker Agile Body Structural Integration
Nilce Silveira ISSI
Michael Solberg Plano Siminars of Arts & Science
Aric Spencer Bodyalive Center
Shelly Stephenson Kinesthesia
Liz Stewart Liz Stewart SI
Russell Stolzoff Rolfing Works, LLC  Stolzoff Sportworks, LLC
Klavs Tarp Body Spaces
Diane Urquhart Structural Bodywork
Ellyn Vandenberg Central Oregon Rolfing? Structural Integration
Juan David Velez Advanced Rolfing PDX
Karin Wagner Rolfing Portland
Lilah Wallach Portland Rolfing and Massage
Wolfgang Weise Bodyspaces
Dorothee Wihl Dorothee Wihl, LMT/SI
Matthew Williams M3 Structural Integration
Michele Wren Serene Heart Structural Integration


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