Call for Yearbook Articles, Case Studies, and Peer Reviewers

IASI is seeking articles for the IASI Yearbook of Structural Integration that would add to the body of knowledge of the theory and practice of structural integration (SI). We encourage submissions from practitioners and teachers, especially those pertaining to original theory, continuing education, qualitative and quantitative research, experiential data, case studies, comparative analyses, and research reviews. Articles that have previously been printed in other journals are considered, but primary consideration is given to original submissions.

Articles and case studies are accepted throughout the year. Those that are submitted earlier in the year have more time to complete the editorial process and be accepted for publication. The editorial committee provides submission guidelines to authors, and offers assistance, if needed, to those who do not have experience writing for a peer-reviewed journal.

We find that many practitioners are qualified to write articles, especially case studies and that doing so builds our profession’s credibility. Often the first step is research into the topic at hand, which is a fascinating endeavor on its own. The second step is to gather material from research and personal practice. Regular and consistent documentation is an important part of this process. Sometimes the material organizes itself into an article; other times the editorial committee can help the author find a structure for the article. A useful resource for case report guidelines can be found at

In addition to submission of articles and case studies, we encourage practitioners to participate in the peer-review process. Each original submission is reviewed by two practitioners and the editor to evaluate its content and organization. Feedback is then given to the author to incorporate into a second draft. (The author and reviewers are unknown to each other, a process termed blind.) We have found this process to be valuable for authors and reviewers alike. Authors appreciate hearing from practitioners, and the reviewers enjoy reading their colleagues’ ideas before they are printed.

Whether you are considering writing an article or want to volunteer to be part of the peer-review panel, please contact 2018 Yearbook editor Daniel Akins at [email protected] with “IASI Yearbook” as the subject of your message.

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